Ashley Barron is an “old soul” with a sense of adventure…she is  spontaneous, God-loving and patriotic, a down-home girl. The youngest of four children, one brother and two sisters, hers is a blended family and very, very close.  Growing up with such older siblings gave her a huge advantage in life. 

Country music has been a part of her family for generations. Her first introduction to country came from her grandfather. When she was a little girl, Ashley remembers going to his house where he would have Willie Nelson playing on the stereo and she would sit with him in his big comfy chair and listen. He also introduced Ashley to Johnny Cash as well as many more country artists. Her Grandfather was born in Georgia and raised in Kentucky before moving to California when he enlisted in the Navy. He kept the love of country and his southern roots alive in the transplanted California family.

Ashley loves the outdoors, especially their annual family houseboat trip to Lake Shasta. Those yearly trips gave her a love of the mountains, water, sports, hunting and fishing. 

Says Ashley, “Even though I grew up spending a lot of time outside and gettin’ muddy...I did stray away from that lifestyle and wanted to be like “the popular girls”. There was a lot of pressure to conform and many times acceptance was based on who you knew, what you wore and where you lived.  The things I experienced in life so far have lead me to find my true self. I realized I had nothing to be afraid of! I am who I am". 

“One of the reasons I use an arrow in my logo is the arrow is a symbol of strength to me. I see it as, whatever is holding you back in life will eventually shoot you forward”.

Ashley likes spending time to better herself as well spending time with family, going out with friends, watching Netflix (some would say she is addicted), driving around with good music blaring on the radio, but most of all just living life.

Ashley has just released the singles "It Might Get Loud" and  “If I Can’t have Tomorrow”.

She's also made a video for "It Might Get Loud". Check it out on YouTube.